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Monday, March 30, 2009
 The Imp and the Cat (Permalink)
Topic: Story
Writer's Block - Write a Story with Words from a Word

Close your eyes! Open your dictionary. Slam your finger down anywhere. Open your eyes and see the word you randomly chose (Feel free to try again if there aren't enough letters in chosen word.). Using some or all of the letters of the word, create new words. After you have a list, write a few paragraphs using those words. Ready... Set... Go!

My word is: Implicate

Dang, there were too many words. I used most I could...

The Imp and the Cat

There once lived a mediocre Imp named Rot'n who only ever ate cats to satiate his hunger. Every cat made a dinky yet delicious meal for Rot'n. However, things would take a strange turn on this very day for this particular Imp.

While hunting with a mace made from dwarven metal, Rot'n spotted a very unusual cat. Its fur was all teal with lime-colored stripes. "Now that is a fine cat for me to feast upon!" declared Rot'n with a hoarse whisper as he shook his weapon towards the sky. Crouching down, he tip-toed over to the strange cat!

The cat was a smart one. His ear flickered, hearing the Imp close in. Suddenly the Imp leapt but the cat was quicker. The impact with the ground was tough for Rot'n to take and that was evident when the Imp groaned, "Curse you, cat!"

"And I curse you," replied the cat calmly, "you grotesque little monster."

"It speaks!" cried Rot'n.

"I have a name." The strange cat frowned as he straightened up on his two legs and crossed his arms, "I am Ace. Do go away. I am hunting mice and you are scaring them away."

Rot'n's heart was pounding as he asked himself many questions. Was the cat tame? Reminding himself to calm down, Rot'n stood up and shook his mace. "I will have you on a plate and eat you! And then I will use your fur as a pouch!"

Ace studied Rot'n's posture before he laughed, "I'm stunned! You use silverware? How very prim and proper for an Imp."

Rot'n made a gargling sound of frustration and pointed angrily at Ace, "You'll regret that! I'll get you!"

"Is that a fact, pal? Careful. I swear on the tail of my mother, I'll end your life where you stand," stated Ace with a hint of malice in his voice.

The imp and the cat were staring at each other, each gauging the other's battle stance. The tension in the air was so thick that it calls for a silly analogy to describe it in detail.

Rot'n could only imagine the mace moving in to impale the cat and seconds later, having the body cooking over a fire. Ace knew the imp was lame and it would only take a short demonstration to melt any courage the imp may have. Quickly the imp made his first move but Ace was still faster yet and Rot'n's poor aim didn't help either. Claws raked deeply across Rot'n's cheek causing him to scream in pain.

"You flower petal," came the insulting comment from Ace, "Get out of here!"

Rot'n's face was pale as he turned and fled, leaving behind one rather smug feline. Curse the fool who dare tangle with a strange teal and lime colored cat that could stand on its hind legs!

"That worked up quite a thirst. Perhaps I should visit Mabel for tea and pie while there's still time." mused Ace.

Posted by Blue Green Gem at 8:16 AM EDT
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