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Dragon Clipart!

Sunday, August 16, 2009
 Lost interest in MMORPG. DS however... (Permalink)
Topic: Gaming
Yup, just as I had figured. After I made my recent entry of playing in a MMORPG, I lost interest very shortly after. I realized a short while ago that I hadn't logged in to play the game for the entire month of July!

After tons of updates were downloaded and installed, I found that the game was impossible to play on my computer. The lag is beyond phenomenal! I tried to maneuver around but I finally gave up. It's all them mounts that people are jumping around with. It kills my computer. It also appears that the faction I was in had been abandoned or merged with another faction. I really have no idea. No one was on. Good thing I lost interest when I did. The idea of killing more and more monsters just makes me close the game down and find something else to do.

I've been more focused on my Nintendo DS lately. I've been trying to find some fun games to buy but even that list is very small. I avoid most of the 'brain' games. I was so disappointed with Brain Age 2. That got boring *fast*! I was following this incredibly long thread on Amazon: DS Games for Adult? I might try some of the games mentioned there.

Posted by Blue Green Gem at 3:11 AM EDT
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