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Thursday, November 6, 2008
 When my soul opened up to music... (Permalink)
Topic: Miscellaneous

For the first half of my life, I couldn't relate to music at all. Every Christmas my siblings would get huge stereos, cassette players, cd changers, etc. My face would turn green with envy when I watched them tear away the wrapping paper and get something big and fantastic!

One Christmas around the time that I was twelve, I had had enough. I threw a fit...

"How come I never get a stereo?! Why does everyone else get one?!"

My mother stopped me in my tracks with just one question.

"What do you listen to?"

"I... ... ... ... don't know." Just like that, in that one second, the ugly green beast let out a dying roar as he dissipated into nothingness. I don't listen to music. It's strange how it takes one question to end something that's been building up for years. With that thought, I packed away 'music' as something that would never touch my soul. Years would pass...

Until AQUA's "Barbie Girl". I remember there was a huge deal about AQUA being sued because of their song. It was everywhere! I took the time to listen to the song to find out what the big deal was. I found myself... oddly... enjoying it. The beats, the vocals, the peppiness. I was compelled enough that I bought the album to hear what the rest of the songs were like. I think I still have the album somewhere...

That's what put me on the path to discover Dance/Electronica/Trance/Etc. I can't explain it... The beats, the vocals, the... I don't know... It was like music had finally found a hidden entrance to enter my soul and make me feel alive! - If I could be cheesy for a moment. hehe.

I still remember the surprised look on my parents' face when I asked for a cd player for Christmas. They were hesitant but finally went ahead and bought me my very first stereo with a 5 cd changer on top. Needless to say, I played so much music on that thing that it broke in less than a year...

I guess I'll take this moment to say... Thanks AQUA. image


Posted by Blue Green Gem at 12:01 AM EST
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