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Dragon Clipart!

Saturday, August 21, 2010
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Active Worlds

I took a quick break from landscaping and started working on a building. Even though I get ideas, they really don't flesh out well when I'm building. Sometimes something new pops up or I take a different path... It's just all like playing with clay. I have no set goal. I just have a little idea and hope it comes out okay. hehe.



The guild has been quiet for a few weeks now. Sort of. Either that or I'm coming on at the wrong times. Some members keep saying that the leaders rarely pop on anymore and that they're off playing other games. I know they played Battle of Immortals and all but eh... All I have done lately is go in to do the daily Crazy Stone quest and now I'm pretty much running out of money so I won't be surprised if I forget to log in eventually. Just like last year... hehe.


Posted by Blue Green Gem at 7:27 PM EDT
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