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Nazala's and Tipini's Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Home

Adoption Center of Eidolon
Tipini the Faerie
Nazala the Faerie
Adoption Center of Eidolon

Nazala and Tipini were adopted from the Realm of Eidolon. Since they were believed to be real, they still existed out of the realm and into the Sythian Forrest.

Once arriving, they took a fancy to a pumpkin patch, thus living in one as you see above. This pumpkin has lasted for a long time, having not rotted at all, much to Davis' surprise. It has become the biggest pumpkin, often spotted in the middle of the pumpkin patch.

They welcome visitors and visitors are often to see the faeries. They've been nicknamed 'Queens of the Pumpkins'. All they really wanted was a home to live in and a pumpkin patch was a 'unique' thing to be in.

Moon Pumpkin!
Oh my! There's Moon, our black kitty familiar!
Looking quite suspicious, don't he?

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Adoption Center of Eidolon
Faeries adopted on June 23, 2003
Black Cat adopted on July 2, 2003
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