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Welcome to the Lair of Anayarana and Labyrinth

The Oldest Dragons In the Sythian Forrest would be these two.
Yes, Indeed, Quite older than Maaginen.

Anayarana the Blue
Labyrinth the Green

Anayarana, blue dragon, and Labyrinth, green dragon, are twin dragons born many years ago. Gem adopted them and they have been the oldest guardians.

They used to guard The Gem Forest when it was opened for all to enter and quite saddened to leave the Iuuan Elves behind when so much damage were happening to it. In fact, the elves respected these two so much that they allowed them more time to move their hoard to the new forest, Sythian Forrest, where they would continue being guardians.

They currently live on Ramsay's Point for it is the highest cliff that overlooks the sea. They love the skies, the sun that can get into their lair through a few openings in the ceiling of the cave, and enjoy visitors!

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Dragons adopted on February 24, 1998
They were adopted by Downloadable Dragons
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