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Labyrinth - Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie
Where Everything Seems Possible And Nothing Is What It Seems.

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One of the cool things about this movie is that David Bowie sings his original songs made for this movie.
Underground - Labyrinth Theme Song
Magic Dance - Jareth is in a room with goblins and Toby when this is sung.
Chilly Down - During the Fireys when they pester Sarah.
As The World Falls Down - Sarah finds herself in a ballroom chasing/being chased by Jareth and finally uses a chair to break her way out of a 'bubble/orb'.
Within You - At the end of the movie, Sarah finds herself in a strange room with stairs all over the place and gravity seems to be of no issue. She hurries around and tries to get to her brother before its too late.

Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie

Jareth (David Bowie) - Jareth is the Goblin King that grants Sarah's wish and takes her brother.
Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) - A young teen girl who wishes away her brother and goes through the labyrinth, learning many lessons along the way.
Toby (Toby Froud) - The unfortunate little baby brother who gets wished away by his sister.
Hoggle (Shari Weiser, Voice by Brian Henson) - The first character Sarah runs into before entering the labyrinth is a short grumpy dwarf. Intensely afraid and bullied by Jareth, in the end, He becomes a loyal friend to Sarah.
Ludo (Ron Mueck, Rob Mills) - The second character that Sarah meets is Ludo. A very large beast who is strung up and tortured by goblins until saved by Sarah.
Sir Didymus (Dave Goelz, David Alan, David Shaughnessy) - Another character Sarah runs into is Sir Didymus, an odd fox-like creature who is a knight and has a steed, an english sheepdog by the name of Ambrosius.

In the beginning of the movie, Sarah is seen playing out her moments in her fantasy, dressed up for the part but is rudely interrupted by a storm and the realization that she is late. Once arriving home soaking wet, Sarah finds herself once again having to take care of her baby brother Toby.

The straw breaks the camel's back when Sarah realizes one of her toys is missing and discovered in Toby's room. Frustrated and spiteful, She tells a story to her little brother to scare him, unaware that the story she is telling has power behind it. She says the 'magical words' that conjures the Goblin King's goblins that takes her brother away.

She pleads with the Goblin King to return her brother and he gives her a chance by going through his maze and Sarah accepts. She begins the journey of a lifetime in which she meets other creatures that help her along the way.

Personal Review
This movie currently ranks #1 as my favorite fantasy movie of all time. This movie has definitely taught quite a few lessons such as life isn't fair which is one of the things that Sarah learned.

My only complaint about the movie are the fireys. I often find myself forwarding through this part because it's incredibly dull but I suppose they had to do something to get Sarah from one area to another.

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