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Information on Brooke Anzres

How Jorael met Brooke:
Synndi had led Jorael to meet Brooke, and Jorael learned that Brooke didn't like the child at all. Jorael decided to take the baby out for a walk, Synndi told Jorael about Brooke wanting to sell the baby, Elijah. This upsetted Jorael further. When they returned to the house, Brooke and Jorael had gotten into a fight, Synndi called the guards to help calm the situation. Guards were ordered to stand by the house in case Brooke plans to sell the child. Later, she was caught selling her son and was banished from the realm.

Brooke Anzres is the mother of Elijah Ramsay. She is banished from the realm and currently residing at a place by a river.

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