Welcome to Maaginen's Keep

Hello and Welcome.

I am Maaginen. An irish-colored dragon that owns this keep instead of lair. Visitors have dwindled ever since the death of Lord Gem.

*sighs and ruffles his wings settling down*

Please, Feel free to explore this site as long as you promise to leave everything behind when you leave.

Maaginen, Caretaker Dragon
Created by Vermifuge, Given to Gem on 2/28/98.
Do NOT Take.

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What's New?

1/31/18 - Site's 20 years old now. Phew. Weird to poke around and see old stuff.

1/31/09 - Site is now 11 years old! It was registered 1/31/1998.

4/23/03 - Added "Meet the Creatures"

4/21/03 - I added "Maaginen's Hoard".

4/15/03 - I looked through "Blue Green Gem's Fantasy Ring" and renamed it to "Realms Beyond Sythian Forrest". I also created a new e-mail address for Sythian Forrest which should be at the bottom of this page. I have also been joining a lot of rings as well. Added 'Fantasy Movies' section.

4/14/03 - Updated the profiles (except Gem's).

4/13/03 - I lumped a lot of things into the library. Hopefully this'll make everything into one area instead of spread out.

4/12/03 - I abandoned this site a very long time ago. A friend (*thwaps her for good measure* :p ) wants me to update this site so, I'll do so. I'm updating bits and pieces to see how it turns out.

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