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Information on Osila Teranu

How Jorael met Osila:
He found out that the 6th mother lived far out in the deep woods, sheltered from the outside world. Kaechii had led Jorael to this home and he found out her name was Osila and she had two other children. He also noticed the home was a bit "country-like" and very cozy. When he saw his son, he was laying in a small cradle with lots of quilts around him to keep him warm, He had a few toys and lots of fairy tales on the shelf. On the cradle was the name painted on it saying "Josiah". He got to know Osila a bit more, and left her home.

Osila Teranu is the mother of Josiah Graiwulf Ramsay. She currently resides in the deep woods with her son and her other two children.

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