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Information on Synndi Hallun

How Jorael met Synndi:
Synndi was sitting in a patch of field, Jorael taking a walk and seeing her. He approached her, they both didn't recognize each other for a bit. Jorael sat by her, Synndi holding Maxxeurs in her hands. Jorael could tell he had some demonic features... Jorael was worried that Synndi didn't like her son, But Jorael knew that she loved him, She was going on how cute the horns and tail was on Max. Synndi led Jorael to meet a few other women that had his children.

Synndi Hallun is the mother of Maxxeurs Ramsay. She currently takes care of Max in the realm where the Vast Night Kingdom sits. Her home is located out in the woods.

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