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Thiawra Mae

How Jorael met Thiawra:
After Jorael had ordered the guards to take Brooke and the other 2 men to the main square in Vast Night Kingdom to be flogged and banished, He warned the surrounding crowd that if anyone hurts his children, they will be banished. He saw a women flee the scene with a baby. He followed her and she was crying, afraid that Jorael would take her son away. He learned her name was Thiawra Mae and that she had his son, Search. She said she named her son Search, to remind her to look for Jorael when the time came. She seemed like a good mother, But when a secret came out, Turned out, Her son was whipped by a demon. This upsetted Jorael and he banished Thiawra.

Thiawra Mae is the mother of Search Ramsay. She is banished from the realm and now lives with her relatives somewhere.

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