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Gem Bluestone died September 19, 2001 due to old age and depletion of magick. Click the tombstone on the left to view the profile page that was established in the Fantasy Graveyard.

Gem - Drawn by Runey
4/15/01 - Drawn by Runey, Made for Gem. Do NOT take!

Name: Gem Bluestone/Blue Green Gem

Nickname: Gem, Gemmy, Gemmers, BGG, GB, Beej

Age: 24

Homeworld: (Birthplace) It was thought to be Earth... but found out it really is Kelnor. But lives in The Sythian Forrest currently.

Eyes: brown. but a blue gem pupil is seen in his left eye and a green gem pupil is seen in his right eye.

Race: Human, also carries the blood of the dragon, tiger, wolf, and bear.

Distinctive Features: Like stated above, blue gem pupil in his left eye, green gem pupil in his right eye. On his left hand, there is a tattoo that runs all over his palm and the back of his hand representing the Dragon Council and to show he is a dragon healer. On his lower left back is a pentagram, a Family's tattoo. Has plenty of scars on his left wrist, but what lays below those scars is an orb that was left behind from Draegon. The orb was used to feed off other magickal properties that are nearby but the orb lays dormant currently. On his lower left neck is a kanji symbol meaning "Good Luck". On his chest is a gem that is the shape of a dragon, If he fails in keeping a dragon alive, he absorbs the spirit/soul of the dragon into it and either takes the soul to be his own, or helps the soul find a new body to take.

Physical Appearence: 6'3", brown hair, brown eyes. Need more details?

Occupation: I was a Dragon Healer, but no more since the Healer's Rebellion at the Dragon Council. I had no part in it, but still... The dragons didn't trust any healers.

Hobbies: I don't think I have any...

Personality: Very open minded, Listens to everything. Hardly takes sides but does explore both sides to get all the facts he can. Gives advice when asked. Can be very silly at time... being a prankster to certain people while acting mature to certain people as well.

Skills, Natural Abilities: I can use magick, some experience in runes.

Immunities: None currently. Except when his form becomes a blue dragon, He is immune to lightning and water attacks.

Weapons: Just a gem dagger. Has plenty of other weapons such as 3 staffs but doesn't use these for they rest in the Gaian Realm safely. Wears an amulet that prevents harm from coming to him, Is needed for all healers so that they stay in top condition in case something happens, Can only be removed by him, not others.

Personal Quote: Gods...

Family: (oooh... this is a big one.)
Wife: none
Daughter: Karolyna (No mother)
Son: Onyx (Mother is Emerald Gargoyle)
Daughter: Jade (Mother is Emerald Gargoyle)
Daughter: Cephilia Lillian Gainan(Mother is Gaia Gainan)
Daughter: Daelussra Bluestone (Mother is Nefthris Thorins)
Daughter: Safiyyah Bluestone (Mother is Nefthris Thorins)
Granddaughter: Trael Alexis Draven(Mother is Cephilia Gainan, Father is Trent Draven)

Family Relatives: (Ok... much bigger... *laughs*)
Mother (Adoptive Parent): Skyhawk
Father: Fomhoire
Grandmother: DarkMistress
Grandfather: DarkLord/Ki'Andris
Step Grandfather: Riptide Xternal
Brother: None
Sister: None
Uncle: Merloch Darklighter
Uncle: Red Dragon/Wolfie
Uncle: Jerihan Ramsay (Father is Cordell, Mother is DarkMistress)
Uncle: Lerave Astale Redleaf (Father is Gait, Mother is DarkMistress)
Uncle: Veldan Gaodon Draven (Father is Vermillion, Mother is DarkMistress)
Uncle: Predator
Uncle: Zane Alexander Faust (Father is Gideon Faust, Mother is DarkMistress)
Uncle: Lance Kalidor Xternal (Father is Riptide, Mother is DarkMistress)
Aunt: Ashliah Xternal (Father is Riptide, Mother is DarkMistress)
Aunt: Ashlee Xternal (Father is Riptide, Mother is DarkMistress)
Aunt: Kalyndria Xternal (Father is Riptide, Mother is DarkMistress)
Aunt: Calais-Alcione Xternal (Father is Riptide, Mother is DarkMistress)
Great Uncle-in-law: Jorael Ramsay
Great Uncle-in-law: Kantrel Ramsay
Great Aunt-in-law: Kyla Ramsay
Cousin (male): Darius Dken (Father is Merloch, Mother is Dryta)
Cousin (female): Telina (Father is Merloch)
Cousin (male): Saeden (Father is Merloch)
Cousin (female): Eshe Kay-Darklighter (Father is Merloch, Father is Miskt)

Deceased Relatives: (Unfortunately, everyone has these...)
Deceased Wife: Gaia Gainan
Daughter: Traeh Gainan (Mother is Gaia Gainan)
Deceased Wife: Resuwen
Deceased Step-Grandfather: Cordell Ramsay
Deceased Uncle: Palladin Ramsay
Deceased Uncle: Pallaton Ramsay
Deceased Uncle: Jade Arnathal
Deceased Uncle-in-law: Jarred Ramsay
Son: Kody (Mother is Resuwen)
Son: Berunicus (No mother)
Son: Junathaen (No mother)
Cousin (female): Ashura Tzeenth (Father is Merloch, Father is Parn)
Cousin (female): Anitia Tzeenth (Father is Merloch, Father is Parn)

History of Blue Green Gem/Gem Bluestone: (I have so many storylines that it ain't even funny...)
Gem lived in Earth for all his life until an Evil Sorcerer kidnapped him only to steal his pupils, The Sorcerer left the blind child in Fantasy and ran. Skyhawk later discovered Gem and brought him to Xavorith. Xavorith just happened to have two gem pupils left. A blue one and a green one. Skyhawk then adopted Gem later on. His adoptive mother, skyhawk, passed away and Gem had no one to turn to.

Fomhoire then later adopted him. Gem found out that Fomhoire is the God of the Underworld. Shortly later, Fomhoire altered Gem's bloodline and Gem became Fomhoire's true son. Because of the blood altering, Gem became immortal, This encouraged Gem to worked a bit harder to be a Dragonhealer.

His father's appearances became less and less eventually becoming no more, Gem became dependant on love from his Grandparents, DarkMistress and DarkLord. DarkLord's appearance faltered as well, leaving Gem to become fully dependant on his Grandmother, This worried Gem that he may be overwhelming her but nevertheless knowing she will forever love his grandson. A divorce happened to his Grandparents and lots of things happened after that.

Because the realm of Fantasy became overwhelming, Gem set out and searched for a realm to call his own. He stumbled upon an barren land and decided to call it "The Gem Forest"... It was not far from the ruins Fantasy. Before Gem knew it, His forest was overwhelming with trees, a nice pond, and much more. It soon attracted a lot of people. Some who decided to move to The Gem Forest.

His Grandmother later married Riptide Xternal whom Gem accepts as his step Grandfather. It was a painful time when things were going too fast, learning the death of his uncles Pallaton and Palladin, and his Step-Grandfather Cordell had died, still in shock that his Grandparents had a divorced before...

Gem met Jarred after Cordell's death and to hide his feelings, He often played pranks on Jarred to keep things comical and light for him and Jarred. The friendship between them grew stronger and Gem is proud to call Jarred a friend. Later, Gem had tried an experiment on Jarred that made him a small purple dragon. But something went wrong forcing him to grow into a 278 feet tall amethyst dragon. The experiment slowly leveled itself giving Jarred the ability to shift forms from human to dragon and vice-versa. Jarred lived in a lair with his 2 dragonettes in The Gem Forest.

DarkMistress had sent Cephilia to a mage school so that Cephilia could learn how to defend herself since the fighting had increased in the Gem Forest. Gem was forced to hand the forest back to the Iuuan Elves and closed it. There is no way in and it's up to the elves to open it. But Gem's hope of them opening grows narrower and slimmer as every day passes.

When Jarred had died, Gem was broken over it, Very confused and upset. But he had learned to accept it and had gotten the dragon figurines as said in Jarred's will. He now keeps the figurines in a safe place. Gem is also secretly growing another forrest called the Sythian Forrest. No one knows yet but he is slowly growing it... and may soon tell his family about it. He knows that he has to provide a place for his daughter, Cephilia if she needs it. She is also pregnant and he believes that he should form a home so that she could always come to her father if she needed him for anything.

Elemental Dragon Form (Water): (Ah... one of the 4 elemental dragons, that I be. =o)
Gem was approached by a familiar person. An old book given to him by Robed Wizard. Robed Wizard had said that he knew Gem in a past life, handing him a music box and saying that Gem and 3 others that Gem knows very closely will harness the powers of the elements that Nature provides. Gem, holding the music box hearing the hauntingly familiar tune, chose 3 of his close friends, Himself taking the water tattoo. He at first, was an amateur only able to take on a small 12 inch blue draggy form, But was very prank-ish with his abilities.

As time passed, He eventually learned to use it efficiently, giving himself a larger form to be. Blue Dragons are very intelligent, so Gem has learned to harness the powers very quickly. He also has the lightning ability that most blue dragons have. Gem, still to this day, wonders who Robed Wizard is, why the music box plays a tune that he can't place his finger on... and why he was given these abilities from Robed Wizard. Gem still hunts Robed Wizard down looking for answers that only Robed Wizard can answer...

profile posted Feb 5th, 1999.
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