Profile of Davis Bluestone

Portrait of Davis Bluestone
"Her Majesty's Wizard" by Darrell Sweet. Used With Permission.

Name: Davis Bluestone

Nickname: Davis, Dave, Davie

Age: 52

Location: Khajuraho's Clearing, Sythian Forrest

Race: Human

Distinctive Features: What stands out most are clothes that are from Earth.

Physical Appearence: Brown hair, blue eyes (from his mother), stands 6'2", about 156 pounds,

Occupation: Caretaker of Abandoned Realm where Sythian Forrest is located.

Personality: Once playful, still is. He takes after his father in the sense that he plays pranks to those who see themselves as having utter supreme and authoritative powers over others. Rarely serious and very patient.

Skills, Natural Abilities: He was taught by Silaenus and Khajuraho on how to fight and defend.

Weapons: Only known documented weapon is the "Paw of Panther". A weapon given to Davis by Silaenus in which the weapon does look like the paw of a panther and once put on, it seems as if the paw is a part of his hand with the 'flesh' of the paw attaching to Davis' skin. He then can use the claws to attack/defend.

1st Wife: Siralina
Son: Alfri'dar
2nd Wife: Pearl Gable
Son: Jasper
Daughter: Cassie (twin to Culver)
Son: Culver (twin to Cassie)
Son: Ambrose
Daughter: Lila

There was a period of time when Gem decided it was time to leave Fantasy and return to Earth. Gem left everything behind. *everything*. He met a woman, fell in love, married her, had a child.

Then things went wrong.

Gem suddenly surfaced in Sythian Forrest again but with a baby that others learned was named Davis. His son. Davis was born fully human with no other interference (Anything his father had, magickal or no, Davis didn't have it.).

Davis grew up with his niece, Laurana, in the Sythian Forrest and has always made it known that he was a few months older than her.

As he grew older, he learned of 'magick' and pleaded to be taught but his father turned him down. Only because of one reason. Davis was being sent to school on Earth with strict rules that he can not tell anyone else, not even his best friend, of where he lives and what he's seen. Often, teachers sent letters home with Davis complimenting Davis' wild imaginations.

When Davis was 13, He defied his father and went to Belamy and caused a bit of ruckus there that his punishment would be to serve King Lucius. The first few days of punishment was rocky but he was closely monitored by Nicodemus. Nicodemus quickly learned that Davis wasn't a troublemaker. He just had fun that went out of control.

While serving for King Lucius was the most boring job Davis could ever have had, He rose in ranks due to commendations by Nicodemus and eventually came to serve under King Lucius himself for a short bit. One night, conversation arose with King Lucius mentioning to Davis that his punishment had run out a very long time ago. Davis however continued to serve before he retired but promising Lucius that he'd help him in any way he could in the future since Davis was still quite awful young.

Davis finally broke Khajuraho down and was taught magick but very weak. He used poorly created rhymes to bring power to a bit of magick to cause things. He practiced this often and surprised him with quite powerful things. Khajuraho had seen this but has no plans of furtherly teaching Davis because Gem had made it clear that he didn't want anyone teaching Davis.

Eventually Davis forgot the poorly created rhymes and returned to his studies. He went to college on Earth but mostly had little to no aim when it came to careers. He was at the CrossRoads Tavern and Inn studying in peace during the 'Djinni Era', a time when djinns flitted around Four Winds Crossing due to a certain hyena who brought the bottles into the town. The djinni knew much about Davis' father, Gem, and naturally Davis would be meeting quite a few djinns, especially one named Siralina. It was natural for the djinns to assume that Davis, the son of Gem Bluestone, would weild a great power himself... but to their surprise, they would find that he was nothing more than a powerless human.

Siralina and Davis flirted and even took things to a romantic level one night. Siralina discovered that she was pregnant and this enraged her father, Barahk. He forced the two to be married even though the djinni world frowned upon such a thing. Eventually, Siralina would give birth to baby boy named Alfri'dar Davis Bluestone. Barahk, in the end, couldn't be prouder of having a grandson that would also have been the grandson of Gem Bluestone.

Just a mere year later, Siralina grew bored of Davis because he was truly and utterly mundane and she left. Davis knew this was coming because the two only agreed to stay together for their child.

Several months down the road, Davis was in Four Winds Crossing when he met a lovely lady named Pearl Gable. After several days of meeting and flirting and through a whole courtship, Davis and Pearl declared their love for each other and got married. As the years passed, Davis went on to have five more children.

They currently reside in Khajuraho's Clearing.

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