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Khajuraho in White Tiger Form
Portrait of Khajuraho was made by Raven V (Feb 1998), Do NOT Take

Name: Khajuraho

Nickname: Khaj

Age: 54

Location: Sythton, Sythian Forrest

Eyes: Black

Race: Tiger/Human/Or Mix thereof

Distinctive Features: Explained below at "Three Forms"

Physical Appearence: Explained below at "Three Forms"

Occupation: King of Sythton.

Hobbies: ?

Personality: Laid back, Cool, Smirkish.

Skills, Natural Abilities: Can use magick to manipulate things. Good with daggers, uses own claws.

Weapons: Plenty of magickal items to use as weapons.

Khajuraho was born.
Oh, You want more?
Being found as a cub, Gem took Khajuraho with him to The Gem Forest where Khajuraho grew older.

It was then that Gem discovered that Khajuraho was more than just a winged cub.

Khajuraho was able to transform to human as well as between tiger and human.

As Khajuraho grew older, Gem taught him magick.

Khajuraho had met with another that was like him, and had several cubs.

One cub in specific, named Madurai, was given to Mage Nicodemus of Belamy.

Khajuraho took care of Davis until he reached the age of 18.

Khajuraho currently resides in Sythton as a powerful but gentle king, keeping the people alive and well.

Three Forms:
Winged Tiger (As you see at the top of this page): In this form, Khajuraho is a white tiger with magnificent wings.

In Between: Khajuraho is half white tiger and half human. He stands at 6'8" with two legs, often wearing baggy pants. He can have a choice of being with, or without, wings at this point. He is covered with fur and head is mostly tiger-shape. Hands are mostly paws as is his feet.

Human: Khajuraho is fully human, 5'9", with some traits such as his hair being white and black. His goatee (and moustache should he choose to grow one) is also white and black.

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