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Name: Maaginen

Nickname: Maaginen

Age: unknown

Location: Sythian Forrest

Race: Dragon (Green)

Distinctive Features: Pretty much a green dragon.

Physical Appearence: Blue striking eyes, This green dragon is small compared to others but is larger than humans at 9 feet tall.

Occupation: Guardian of Sythian Forrest

Personality: Serious but not uptight. He lacks a sense of humor unless it hits him in a certain spot for a slight smirk.

Skills, Natural Abilities: Flight, Wings, Etc...

Weapons: Wings, Claws, Tail

While Gem was a dragonhealer, He came across a dragon egg that was cracked but no movement. Gem inspected, removing a piece of shell and discovered a green dragon inside that was sick, possibly close to death.

With the dragonhealer instincts in Gem kicking in, He took the green dragon with him to the central dragonhealer location where he, and others, nursed this green dragon back to health.

Gem named him Maaginen.

Having grown close to Maaginen, Gem took him to the Gem Forest where Maaginen was allowed to roam. And later, to the Sythian Forrest where Maaginen took on the role of being the guardian of the forrest once he was older.

Currently, Maaginen is seeking a permanent mate at Dragons Lookout. He's met a few but none has the potential to be a lifetime mate.

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