Sythian Forrest
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Gem's Cabin - My home.
Khajuraho's Clearing - This clearing belongs to a white winged tiger.
Lake Isabel - The lake where the cabin sits by.
Gaia's Temple - (below)

Jeffrey K. Bedrick "The Last Resort" Used with permission.

Gaia Gainan was a woman who took care of a world very much like Earth. But she was harsh and cruel to the men because she was abused by her father when she was a child. She made it so that men got pregnant instead of the women... and uh, You don't want to know how men deliver it and yes, Merloch fell victim to Gaia since he attacked her. She made Merloch have twins, Merloch did everything he could to stop the pregnancy, But he failed and that was how Anitia and Ashura Tzeenth had arrived. But they gave him c-section, He didn't want to deliver them through his manhood. *winks* Yes, That's how cruel Gaia was to the men on her world.

I met her when I was travelling to the Gaian Realm, She was cruel to me at first, Even took me as a slave and so on. But we eventually grew to be friends, She said "You aren't *really* a man, You are just a teen. I am only cruel to men so what the hell... You can't be that bad." *laughs* Boy was she wrong a few minutes later.

We had gotten intimate, got married, and had two children. Traeh and Cephilia Lillian Gainan. Traeh and Cephilia had never met each other and Traeh had died soon after her mother died. Cephilia is however, still alive and had her first child, Trael Draven. She is pregnant with her second child. I can't believe I'm about to be a Grandfather again! aww shucks.. and I'm still young, man. *smirks*

Picture scanned from Book

Silaenus' Territory - Silaenus was Gaia's pet Panther. Silaenus was given to me and he now protects his territory where the Gaia's Temple stands.

Dragon's Lookout - This is where dragons rest while on their flights... No idea why, Just dragons are randomly seen resting there so it was named "Dragon's Lookout".
Sanctuary - This is where all injured animals go to.
The Clearing - The main area of the Sythian Forrest.
Olden Minotaur Taproom & Inn - Where travellers come and fill their bellies or rent a room to rest for the night...
Forbidden Clearing - No one enters this area... This is where the Library is hidden and the home where the librarian lives. I won't tell why it's forbidden.
Abandoned Inn - Overwhelming ghost sights were seen here, and eventually, no one ever entered the area again.
Ramsays' Point - (below)

I was very close to Cordell and I was devastated when he had died, When I got the forest and saw this... This was a personal place where I could go to... to think about things. I claimed it the "Ramsays' Point" since I'm always thinking about the Ramsays... Pallaton and Palladin Ramsay had passed away as well and I always allow any close friends of Cordell here.. Even their family.

Kadiran Swamp - (below)

After I had gotten the woods, I found a corpse in the swamp. Ugh. I later learned that when pirates ravaged the forrest once, long ago, they dumped many of the local residents' bodies into here. And I was told that the angry souls of the slaughtered residents still haunt the swamp, murdering anyone who gets near it.

Sythton - There is a lot of history behind the forming of Sythton. In another realm, a place called Belamy, Gem worked for a Lord who was later found out involved in a big mess involving the death of the Lord's son and the missing baby. Piled upon many of other crimes, this Lord got life in prison.

Gem felt bad. He couldn't explain it but he did form a friendship with Lord Ambrose before the situation occurred. He also knew that Ambrose was at no fault for how he was raised and treated his son the way his father had treated him. Gem felt Ambrose deserved a second chance in life and went against the feelings of many friends, friends who felt that what Gem was doing with Ambrose was wrong.

Gem asked King Lucius of Belamy for a pardon of Ambrose. King Lucius refused but told Gem that Ambrose can be taken to his home and is to never return to Belamy again. Gem accepted, took Ambrose out of prison and to his home at Sythian Forrest. Ambrose stayed in Khajuraho's Clearing in a cabin of his own that was in view of Gem's cabin.

With Khajuraho's encouragement, Lord Ambrose was able to start a new place and called it Sythton with him being Lord. He was satisfied and happy but something was missing. He met a nice woman and fell in love with her having truly felt that he didn't want to be Lord anymore. Gem gave the Lordship to someone else while Ambrose lives peacefully in his cabin with his woman.

Currently Lord Garrington rules Sythton.

Doborage - Population is growing in Sythton and it became necessary for a second Lord. Doborage was born after Lord Doborage accepted the title.

Meryniver - Inherited by a child after father was killed. Run by Lord Meryniver.

Jarred's Cabin - Many years ago, Gem let Jarred build a quiet isolated home in case Jarred was feeling "hermit"like. After the death of Gem, Jarred came to own 20 acres around his cabin.

Ambrose's Cabin - Originally built for Jorael and Synndi while they were fleeing from danger of someone attempting to abort Synndi's unborn baby. But as soon as the cabin was made, VNK regained its old Emperor who ordered that all VNK citizens must return to the VNK. Synndi and Jorael had no choice but to leave. The cabin remained empty until Gem brought Ambrose over and didn't think Jorael would mind if Ambrose used the cabin. In the will of Gem, the cabin was given to Jorael and stated that Ambrose would have a different piece of property if Jorael accepted ownership of the cabin. Jorael and Ambrose discussed and decided that Ambrose would keep the cabin and that Jorael would take the property that would have been given to Ambrose. Ambrose owns 3 acres of land here involving the cabin.

Jorael's Cabin - Originally meant for Ambrose to live in if Jorael took the other cabin but through discussion, Ambrose and Jorael decided to switch ownership of the cabins. Jorael owns 5 acres of land here involving the cabin.

More will be on the way...

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