The Christmas Dragon
Told by Gem to a few kids on Christmas Eve 1998

Christmas Dragon
Malathar's Dragons - Used with Permission

A green dragon was born in the mountainous areas... In a place called Cesaerilvyn Mountains. He was named Mziirlinyth. He was the youngest out of 9 siblings altogether having a single mother. As Christmas Day passed every year, The mother could offer no presents, nothing of value except her love. She held her loved dragons close in a circle and read them a story every Christmas night in their lair.

One Christmas eve, Mziirlinyth looked up the brightest star in the sky and made a wish, "I wish all my brothers and sisters got something for Christmas... and for my mom, Give her lots of gifts."

Mziirlinyth suddenly woke to excited screams the next morning and rushed out to see a decorated tree and under it full of presents... His mother rushed out and Mziirlinyth looked at her, To see her eyes lit with happiness. He smiled at her as she brought him to the tree to open presents.

Every year, Mziirlinyth made different wishes at the brightest star in the sky... Not making one wish for himself. One year, It was to grant sight back to someone he loved. Another year, It was for to give somedragon a new sense in life. Every year, He made an unselfish act... And someone was watching him.

Mziirlinyth became old, being well over 3,000 years old. Christmas Eve arrived and he looked up at the star and smiled... He began to make his wish but got interrupted. He glanced around to see an elf standing behind him. "Who are you?" Asked Mziirlinyth politely. The Elf stepped out to Mziirlinyth and replied with a grin, "I am one of Santa's elves. And I am making a wish for you." Mziirlinyth looked at the elf strangely. The Elf shouted,"I wish Mziirlinyth is the Christmas Dragon." Mziirlinyth felt himself tingle...

He heard bells jingle, He heard a faint "Ho Ho Ho..." in the distance and he looked at himself. "Christmas Dragon?" Mziirlinyth asked the Elf. The Elf grinned and nods, "I watched ye over the years and ye have not made a wish for yourself." The Elf motioned to the sky and placed a bag in front of Mziirlinyth. "Go and fly, Bring presents to the other lil dragons... Help Santa." Mziirlinyth smiled broadly grasping the bag between his teeth and took off.

No one ever seen Mziirlinyth after that night. All everyone know is that he is The Christmas Dragon. And he will be watching you... And will be ready to bring you gifts every Christmas Eve when you are asleep...

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