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Ganji and the Djinns
A story, told by Khaos, is about a king named Ganji who led his horde to a realm and slaughtered many but came across 4 black skinned beings who taught him a lesson or two. ('98)

Fallen Warrior
Told by The Storyteller, A man entered a competition hoping to earn a name and fame but he got less than that, Ending up with nightmares and loss of lives. ('98)

A Legend of Fantasy
Story told by Gem, A king and queen had twins and because of sibling rivalry and greed on one side, Only one will rule Fantasy. ('98)

The SsangYong Legend
A korean legend of two dragons who wished to fly to heaven.

The Christmas Dragon
Special Christmas Treat by Gem... come read about Mziirlinyth and how he became The Christmas Dragon. (12/98)

Generalized information on certain colors of dragons.

Midnight Dragon
Brief information on the Midnight Dragon that used to take a nightly flight across a former land once known as Fantasy.

RP History
Map of Gephan An old, practically forgotten, map of Gephan.

Destiny's Sea This is where Gem and Jarred had met Destiny in an unusual way.

Regitsuria How Gem's twins, Safiyyah and Daelussra came to be and what was told to him about what will be of the twins.

Jorael and Synndi Jorael and Synndi searches for the Demon Expert that did some training on Kathleen and Search Ramsay, Jorael's babes.

Mothers of the Ramsay Children This here lists the information of the 6 mothers of the 6 half demon children of Jorael Ramsay.

Xavorith This man plays an important part of Gem's life, He's the one that put gempupils in Gem's eyes and that's how Gem started out.

Gem's Will Unfortunate death of Gem, read and carried out by Davis Bluestone, Gem's son.

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