Destiny's Sea
Beneath this sea lays the goddess of the oceans... Destiny. She had
published a book full of her spells and one day, It was stolen. During
many years of it being passed around. It had fallen into the hands of
Gem. He was fascinated by the spells and even attempted some. He
had memorized one so closely, Yet he doesn't know why. It was a
spell for him to escape if he should ever get into trouble.

Jarred and Gem were in trouble. And Gem quickly casted the spell
without any second thought. Suddenly, Gem and Jarred were wet,
water all around them, seeing lots of bubbles everywhere, frantic
thoughts rushing through their heads, finally realizing where they
were. They surfaced, and saw the ocean all around them.

All Gem had done was push Jarred into the water to heal him with
Destiny's magick. For the moonlight to heal Jarred. Somehow the spell
made them end up in the middle of the ocean.

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They were suddenly grabbed, yanked under. The frantic fighting from both but all failed. As they continued being pulled under. Gem couldn't hold his breath anymore, his last air exited from his mouth as he held his throat tightly, knowing that if he inhales, it would only be water and he would drown... His mind began flashing violently as he suddenly inhaled... realizing he just inhaled air. He opened his eyes and looked around, sitting on a floor with Jarred nearby coughing and waking as well. Gem looked up to see the ceiling totally made of water, something was holding the water up on it's own. Gem glanced around and saw a beautiful woman.. and soon learned her name was Destiny.

She knew that Gem was casting her spells but she also knew that he was innocent. She stared at the boy and asked for her book back. Gem, without hesitating, had handed it back to her. She smiled at his honesty for not resisting and handed him a moonstone. A stone that was filled with water and had moonlight in it. She said that the spells that Gem had casted are for him to use since he had learned them.

Destiny chanted, Gem and Jarred realizing they are on the shore once again, soaking wet. Gem holding the moonstone in his hand. He looked at Jarred as he looked back. They both smiled and headed home for the night.

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