A Legend of Fantasy
Told by Gem Bluestone (1998)

There are many legends of Fantasy, I just chose this one since it was more interesting. This takes place in a magical land called Fantasy. A long time ago, Two rulers of the land, King and Queen, wanted a child to inherit Fantasy if under any circumstances should something happen to them.

But to their surprise, The Queen was pregnant with twins. They later named them Fantasia and Prophesia when they were born. As the twins grew up, It became clear that Fantasia was good and Prophesia was evil. Prophesia was a greedy and selfish child. When the two girls went off on their way to lead their lives in different realms, They got word that their parents have died in an on-going war.

The two girls knew it was time to come home and rule the land they have inherited from their parents. Prophesia did not want to split the land so she hired a bountyhunter to take care of Fantasia. Fantasia was in her old room when she was a child and sat down, remembering some of the good memories that happened here. She started to brush her hair but stopped as soon as she heard a crash. She turned around and she came eye to eye with a dagger.

Prophesia walked into Fantasia's room the following morning to find her dead. She grinned evilly and pretended to mourn the death of Fantasia at her sister's funeral. Only one thing can resurrect Fantasia and Prophesia have hidden the amulet to prevent any attempts of Fantasia's ressurection.

The land grew dark and evil as time passed with Prophesia's ruling of Fantasy. The land grew barren, full of evil, stealing, murdering. She did not care about Fantasy or what it became. The only thing that has bothered her was a prophecy that she ran across...

In the prophecies, It has been stated that Fantasy will be pure with goodness once again as well as goodness among the people. A person with goodness and innocence will come along and save Fantasy when the new Queen is distracted. This annoyed Prophesia greatly. She stayed alarmed at all times, sentencing one suspected person after another to death...

While Prophesia was busy with the death sentencing, A young warrior stepped up and snuck into the castle to steal something. He wandered into the room that once belonged to Fantasia and dug around, and during his "hunt", he found the amulet and was satisfied with his finding, ready to bolt. But as soon he turned around, Prophesia was standing there, angry at the young child. "You will now die! No one ever sees Fantasia's room!" The boy dropped the amulet shattering it.

Prophesia screamed in horror as the broken amulet glowed brightly, as a pink mist poured from the amulet's pieces. It began to take form, resembling a young lady, Fantasia. Prophesia decided to make an attempt on Fantasia's life by grabbing a nearby object and swinging it at her sister. But the young warrior stepped in, defending Fantasia, sweeping Prophesia off her feet.

Fantasia leaned down and picked up her amulet as the shattered pieces came together into one. She placed it around her neck and chanted quietly as her sister began to come apart into a black myst. The amulet glowed once again, absorbing the black myst into itself.

Fantasia ruled the land as it became good once again. She rewarded the good warrior with a gift, immortality, so that he may forever spread his goodness among the realms. The warrior thanked her and did not let her down. He began his journey, but that's another story.

Many has told this legend in many forms, shapes and ways... I am not truly sure if this is true, and no one has named this young warrior, and the name shall never be known.

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