9/17/01 - Read by Davis Bluestone, Son of Gem

Sythian Forrest, and everything inside unless stated, is given to my son, Davis Bluestone, but Khajuraho and Maaginen will be the owner of it till Davis Bluestone turns 18. The same for half of the CrossRoads Tavern and Inn, as well as bought properties, located in Fantasy Gathering.

Title for King of Sythton is given to Khajuraho.

20 acres around the cabin of Jarred Ramsay will go to Jarred Ramsay for whatever he wishes to do with it.

Ramsays' Point is to be given to Jorael Ramsay.

The Cabin, and 3 acres around the cabin, made for Jorael Ramsay will be given to him. If he refuses, Ownership will pass to Ambrose. 5 acres of land, and a new house, waits elsewhere for Ambrose if Jorael accepts ownership.

My magickal items go to Khajuraho for he knows what to do with them.

Any items that I may still have from Cephilia Gainan, clothing-jewelry-furniture-etc, is to be given to Laurana Gainan for whatever she wishes to do with them. Gaia Gainan's planet pendant is to go to Laurana Gainan.

If my life gem is retrieved, It will fall apart in two stones. One blue and one green. The blue one goes to Jarred Ramsay and the green one to Khajuraho as my eternal thanks.

The Gem Forest amulet goes to Davis Bluestone. Don't worry, my son, Khajuraho will explain to you the purpose of this amulet. Take good care of it.

Dragon Figurines - Make sure it arrives safely into Jarred's hands. These were the same ones I have inherited due to his untimely death before.

To Maddy and Sakoe Sheffield, I'm giving you a few acres located right in Four Winds Crossing. Do whatever you wish with it. If any time in the future that Laurana and/or Davis wish to give up their ownership to The CrossRoads Tavern and Inn, The one, or both, ownership will directly fall onto Maddy and Sakoe Sheffield equally. I believe they deserve this for the tavern was their life and should not be passed onto strangers.

A leather necklace of a black dragon carved out of onyx is given to Zephyr. A spirit of a black dragon rests in it, It will keep you safe.

Joboroun, a black kitten, make sure he arrives to Sansa safely. Take care of him well, Sansa. This is no ordinary cat. Khajuraho will explain more to you privately if you do not understand.

To Cordell Ramsay, I give my large dragon scale collection.

Kyla Ramsay, A chest that sits at the end of my bed, treated and meant for indoor use and decorated with a fake lock, inside will be stocked with colorful gems.

For Corbin Ramsay, A gem that I have worked on for the longest time is now complete. This gem will bring one creation/imagination of Corbin's to true reality, Never to vanish again.

Anything I forgot to list, safely assume they belong to my son Davis.

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