Information on Dragons
Keep in mind that this does not apply to all dragons.
Each realm has different views as well as types of dragons.

Blue Dragons

Blue Dragons - Water and Lightning Experts
Blue Dragons are mostly found near watery areas. I would assume those high cliffs that overlooks the oceans. Some Blue Dragons do have lairs, But as I said... they would be found on the cliff walls near the ocean.

When it comes to attacking and defending, I know of two things that Blue Dragons can do. They spit water that can just get you wet, while some have it freeze at contact. And the other is that some Blue Dragons use lightning. I should say a lightning bolt shoots out of there mouth and zap. Guess who's fried? *laughs*

Black Dragons

Black Dragons - Acid Crazy...
Black Dragons are mostly found near or in swamps, Some do live in caves if they are in or near swamps.

When attacked or defending, (And I do believe that if you only walk up to one), They will spit acid at you. They also breathe acid in a gaseous form as well.

When it comes to size, I think Black Dragons are smaller than Green Dragons... meaning shorter than 40 feet tall... including tail.

Green Dragons

Green Dragons - Bad Breath?
Green Dragons live in lairs, everyone knows that... but their lairs are near or in forests and woody areas.

When it comes to attacking or defending, The Green Dragon tend to use their bad breath. *laughs* I mean like gaseous vapors that are very harmful. They also spit the gaseous vapors in orb form so that it breaks open when it lands on the ground near you, Therefore making you inhale it.

I think Green Dragons are about 40 feet tall including tail...

Gold Dragons

Gold Dragons - Very rare and special dragons.
Gold Dragons live in lairs, caves, even in Castles. Practically anywhere...

I think that Gold Dragons are a good breed so they help whenever they can. They also change forms so chances are if you meet an Gold Dragon, They won't be in their natural or original form.

When attacked or defending, Gold Dragons tend to spit molten lava, really hard rocks upside your head. *laughs* I have seen a Gold Dragon use lightning bolts, and breath gaseous vapors. It's known that they may somehow acquire the skills of other different dragons.

Gold Dragons sizes vary a lot but they are smaller than Red Dragons.

Red Dragons

Red Dragons - The Fire Guys...
Red Dragons are most likely to be found in areas with mountains. That is where they mostly have their lairs. In Caverns and underground dark places.

When it comes to attacking or defending, Red Dragons use claws and breathe fire. Sometimes their fire can reach out well as to 20 feet. Sometimes older dragons can breathe further out.

Most Red Dragons sizes... tend to make them the larger of most dragons of varying colors. Sometimes a red dragon can be 70 feet tall (Excluding tail).

White Dragons

White Dragons - Ice Lovers!
White Dragons like to live in cold areas, Not frozen and snowed in like the North Pole. But mostly in subterranean or arctic cold areas.

When attacked or defending, White Dragons use cold breath. Basically freezing you when they breathe on you, Their breath can reach out 30 feet just like an arctic wind spreading across the lands... *laughs* And no, I doubt they spit snowballs.

White Dragons are smaller... 24 feet mainly for most. And I heard that White Dragons are greedy, But not as much as Red Dragons are.

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