Jorael and Synndi searches for the Demon Expert

Jorael and Synndi venture out of the Vast Night Kingdom

Jorael and Synndi goes on a search for the demon expert, having realized that he is truly outside of the kingdom. Synndi takes a look to the kingdom in the distance and lets out an enjoyable sigh, "Now I know why he called it the Vast Night Kingdom..." Jorael simply rolled his eyes, "Yes, The Kingdom that I am Emperor of.." Synndi lets out a small giggle and looks up at him, "Jorael, Your children... How will you take care of 6? I know it's easier that you have 5 with us, But we may have to talk about house additions. I mean, Aroeni's house is already a bit cramped and Draegon hasn't ordered any guards to add more room to her home." Jorael begins to speak but is interrupted by a creature slowly coming closer, He stands in front of her protectively with his sword out for defense.
"Who are you?" Jorael says firmly.

The creature tilts his head and chuckles, reverting to a human form. "I was told you were looking for me. The "demon expert". I tend to eavesdrop when bored." Jorael looks at Synndi but back to the stranger. "Well?", Asks the stranger, "Why are you looking for me?" Jorael takes a step forward, sheathing his blade, "I need information on two children". He grits his teeth and continues, "The ones you... trained."

The stranger nods, "The two demon children. I had offered to take the others but they refused. But nonetheless, 2 is better than none." "You have none!" Jorael said, anger in his voice. Synndi lays a hand on Jorael's shoulder as a response, to calm him. The stranger looks at Jorael, at his reaction, "I own them, I will teach them as they grow."

Jorael shrugged his last comment off, "I want to know what you did to the children. I want to know why they are bigger in size than the rest are."

"They are bigger because I am training their demonic side to be more dominating than the puny human traits." the stranger answered. Jorael grits his teeth, "You will train them no more. I banished Thiawra and Levidia after I had caught them. You whipped them, Did you not?"

"It was part of the training." The stranger stared at Jorael as Jorael stared back. The next words from Jorael, filled with hate and anger and the unbelievable reaction towards abuse on such tiny babes, "You will no longer train them. Ever."

"That's where you are wrong", The stranger said while crossing his arms, "I will wait till they are 18, I will then come again and offer them one more chance to be trained. What they choose is not up to you."

He turns and begins walking away, Jorael immediately calling for the guards. The guards show up, grabbing the strangers arms. Suddenly, while Jorael and Synndi watching, The guards begins blowing up, getting fatter, their clothes tearing as their faces are puffing up. Screams of panic is heard. The stranger laughs as the two guards are on the ground, rolling around, both puffed up into a large shape of a ball. The stranger makes a glance at Jorael and says quietly, "By the way, My name is Sajzoen." He walks away, vanishing without trace in the distance.

Synndi slowly makes her way to the guards, both are mumbling in panic. She looks up at Jorael, "How are we going to help the guards?" Jorael shakes his head, overwhelmed with anger, "I do not know. I do not know." Jorael, is once again, faced with another danger to his two children, Search and Kathleen.

6:55 AM 7/10/99

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