Ganji and the Djinns
Told by Khaos Tikan (1998)

A tragic war between races occured many millenia ago, Even before Mandalius became Diabolical. This one race, which many mistake for genies, are called Djinn. Large humanoids, most with wings, used to the roam the realms. There king was named Ganji. A very evil and wicked creature of the abyss. Some of Khaos' kind say he has some genes of theirs but he has nothing different. Some also say that this race are the ancestors of the Daemon species of Diabolicals.

This king of theirs, Ganji, took the horde he had and lead them to a realm of multiple cultures. A realm similar to this one and many others. One of dragons, the strong ones, elves, regents, dwarves, and so on. They appeared from the vortex and wormholes in thousands. When they arrived, they had no problems in settling where they liked for no creature had any knowledge of the Djinn. So at first, it was a slaughter till they settled, and they settled in a mountain.

They massacred thousands of humans, elves, dragons, and various others to settle. After they have settled, they spent much time gathering information, supplies, and other things. Ganji was very clever and very strong. They continued this for several hundred years. Their horde getting larger and more advanced. They perfected the "Absorb" tehcnique. An ability meaning it's capable of absorbing there opponents' powers and knowledge. In turn forming new species of Djinn.

Around the time the horde reached 23,000. A group of humans and elves collected what they knew. They practiced and formed new magics and tactics to combat these invaders and tyrants. They came to be known as the "Ring of Wizards". A group of humans and elves, 17 in all, After many years of raising their children with the new ways. They confronted a, now extinct, species of dragon. The Mystic Dragons. Actually... two is still alive and Gem had resurrected one. These children of the Ring, went to these dragons, and explained the problem. But the dragons already knew...

It took 23 years to form the pact that resulted in the defeat of the Djinn, but it happened. The children each joined a dragon, each becoming servitors to each other. The elves increased in power becoming totally different. They became like the dragons, even after splitting from them. The elves that were formed from the union now are said to live on the sun. These children, with the help of the pact, trained long and hard forming even more tactics and powers. The human life spans increased to that equal of a common red dragon, while the elves.. well... I never heard of one dying of natural causes. But the race still exists.

Well, the rings confronted Ganji for the first time, bringing dragons of all kinds and the best warriors and mages that the humanoids had to offer. Yet, Even with all the dragons, and new powers, It was a basic massacre. The Djinn killed, absorbed, and mangled the ring's army like they were toys. The horde only lost about 7,000. While the only ones of the Ring, They were reduced to 7 of the actual members and about 72 various dragons. The remaining Ring members regrouped and disappeared. And the people of this realm worried and suffered for more than 1400 years.

The Djinn slowly regained their strength. But unknowingly to even the mighty Djinn spies, The Ring regained their strength also. This time keeping the fallen bodies of the Djinn, and studying them. They discovered during their secluded studies that the Djinn's power source came from an odd stone inside their chest and that is when they realized why the Djinn's bones were so hard. To guard the center of their power. The few remaining elves, now dubbed "cosmis elves", took these stones they had. At the time, there were about 6 elves left. 4 of these elves took these stones and performed rituals and ceremonies. And they took the Djinns powers for themselves.

When the others of the Ring found out.. they immediately banished them. Afraid that they powers could corrupt their purpose. The 4 disappeared, nobody knows where or wether they are still around. But the remaining of the Ring, now 4 less.. attempted breeding a dragon with an elf infused with a stone. This "new breed" was a short lived creature, only lived for about 70 years. But they progressed in power very quickly and that was all they needed. They bred about 200 of these creatures and trained them for 40 years each in the arts of silence, torture, quick death tactics, and the most powerful yet, fast abilities, they could teach in such a short time.

Speaking of the Djinn, during this time, the Djinns were developing their new own "weapon". They had learned how to compress and collect solar and lunar light into a type of cannon. This was neither magic nor one kind of energy, this was a type of light. They infused this compressed light with the essence of a Zetso Djinn. or also called "The Destroyer of Djinn". They built 16 of these cannons. The Ring sent their creatures out after the Djinn to set up the cannons. But the Djinn weren't expecting them to be silent, strong, and fast. These 200 creatures quickly dispatched all of the generals in one night. And they reported back to the Ring.

The next day, the Ganji freaked and ordered his new generals to fire the cannons at anything that moved. The Rings wasn't expecting this and charged full force to the Djinn. The cannons success rate against the dragons was around 93%. But they couldn't combat the new creatures. The "breed" was successful in slaughtering the cannons and most of the army and losing around 122. Somehow they could detect the activity of the Djinns' bodies before the Djinn did anything. Ganji took his best and confronted the Breed, Ganji lost all his, but when it got down to Ganji himself, The breed was outpowered and outclassed and Ganji slaughtered the remaining breed.

As Ganji absorbed the last of the breed, a group of 4 black skinned, blue haired, berserker creatures rose from the ground. And a dragon slowly dropped from the sky. I was told these creatures were well over 8 feet tall and weighed more than 700lbs each. Some suspect they were the four that were banished. The dragon that rose, That was the main breaker. Back then, he was called Gildiss, He has slowly gained other names. One of the more common is Bahamut, but Gildiss began pulsing with the energy of the sun itself. His dark grey metallic scales shimmering different colors. As his power built, these four literally appeared on Ganji as if Ganji was a snail, and quickly ripped him, limb from limb.

But this is where the Djinn were the biggest problem. Ganji was still alive. Though he was separated into about 20 pieces, that is another of the Djinn's secrets. The black skinned 4 quickly shot into the sky as balls of raging blue flame and Gildess then released all that held energy straight at the pulsing Ganji. As the licking tongues of the sun touched Ganji's parts, Ganji disintegrated. But when the Ring went back for the remains, They didn't find dust. No powerstone, no ashes, no nothing. He just seemed to disappear from existance. No one knows what happened to Ganji's body.

However, reports of summoners getting unwanted creatures resembling, So it is possible, the 4, are still alive. There names are Xeron, C, Sabbath, and...the 4th is not remembered... The Mystic Dragons went extinct except two and the realm no longers exist.

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