The Midnight Dragon

Midnight Dragon

Ahhh.. The Midnight Dragon. I remember watching her fly over the moon in Fantasy night after night at midnight. I thought I would tell you a little about her.

scales: It's the same color as the moonlight. It depends, I like it when the moon is sometimes redish at night. Her scales would be more redish as well.

length: large dragon 400 feet including tail

ability: unknown

looks: eyes glow with the light of the moon

No one has ever gotten close to the Midnight Dragon for she only is seen flying in front of the moon at midnight every night. I think in a way, she lets other creatures know that it's midnight on the mark.

For quite a while, She never flew past the moon and all in the lands of Fantasy were worried. What if someone found her lair and slaughtered her? What if she was captured? What if she died from being old? Sightings of her went back for centuries and centuries. All was confused.

One night, An excited scream was heard, All rushed out to see. They saw the Midnight Dragon flying pass. All cheered as she passed through. But someone spotted something flying after her. "Something is chasing her!" Someone screamed. Turns out it was a little baby dragon flying. All these months, She was pregnant and was tending to her baby.

The Midnight Dragon and Moon Dragon now flies past the moon for all to watch and to know it's midnight. heh...

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