Information on Regitsuria

The area was an elven town in Regitsuria. Gem had travelled around a bit and met up with an elf woman who was travelling as well... They talked for a bit. He learned that her name was Nefthris Thorins. When night time arrived, she had drugged him. He was out of it and that night, they had sex. Gem awoke the next morning and did not remember anything.

Gem had gotten a letter that they had hung the elven woman and he was confused. They said they are waiting for him to pick up his twin daughters.

He immediately grabbed his things and went out. He went to the town and saw two little girls, Both at the age of 7. Apparently, The "father" did not like them anymore since he found out they weren't his. Gem learned that the elven woman and man couldn't produce any children and that she had used Gem to get herself pregnant. Later the people found out that the children were mixed.

The people forced Gem out of the village with the twins. This made Gem uncomfortable with two 7 year olds... He learned they were named Safiyyah "Suh-fee-ya" and Daelussra "Day-luss-ra" Thorins. But he changed their last names to Bluestone. He decided that when they turn 18.. He will give them a choice to change their last names. Right now, He rather let them believe that their mother is out there travelling, After all, it was one of her desires.

Recently: A blind lady had caught up with Gem and forced him to sit. She began telling Gem stories about his two little girls. She began with Safiyyah.

Safiyyah Bluestone
Safiyyah in the Future
Deadly Beauty - Luis Royo (Used With Permission)
"Safiyyah Bluestone will be an Amazon Warrior. She grew under your care and yes, She has a hatred towards men but trust me, She will not hate you for you are her father. She will always love you, trust you, and come to you with help. She learned to trust you the day she knew that you cared for dragons awhile back.

When she learned from you about the village having killed her mother, She vowed the very day to slaughter the entire village. But when she learned about what her mother had done, Her hatred had vanished. I do not know what drove her to hating men. ::looks up at Gem:: She will lead a powerful tribe but she still asks for your advice. And she easily will trust them.

Her only intentions are to make you very proud of her, ::she places her hand on Gem's cheek with a soft smile:: You must always let her know that you are proud of her and that you understand her ways. Let her know that her path is what she chooses and you will stand behind any and every decision she makes."

Daelussra Bluestone
Daelussra in the Future
L'Amour de D'Artagnon - Jonathon Bowser (Used With Permission)
"Daelussra Bluestone, ::she sighs, wondering where to begin:: She will adore her environment. She will grow vast gardens to attract all kinds of birds and butterflies. Animals are easily attracted to her and will trust her. She never felt any hatred towards the village when she learned her mother was killed. She took what she learned about her mother and tried to imitate her in every way. Her beauty, Her personality, Her kindness, Her caring.

She pretends to be happy all the time, even on days where she may be very angry. She will just get lost in her gardens to distract herself. She is curious and attempts to make plant-hybrids. She succeeds and her intentions are also to make you proud of her. It may be competition between the twins but they understand that you do not love one more than the other.

She may be too involved in the way she looks, and how she acts. But understand she is only trying to have a part of her mother with her, You must always tell her that her mother will always be in her heart. She does have alot from her mother, It's seen in her eyes... Tell her you love her very much." "

::she leans back and let's out a tensed sigh:: When the twins find out where they came from, They will hunt it down and find their--::she pauses:: "Father". They will want to know more. But do understand, They will never abandon you because you took them in when their "Father" had rejected them. This man knows everything about their mother. You must let them go and find out if the time should ever arrive. ::she stands and begins walking away:: Thank you for letting me tell you this. But know this... The future can change, My predictions today may not happen in the next few years. But it is what I see now if the path remains the same.

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