The SsangYong Legend

The SsangYong Legend

SsangYong means 'twin dragons.' In Korean legend these mythical creatures take on many forms, but are always associated with royalty, power and strength - an appropriately potent symbol for SsangYong.

It stems from the fable of two dragons who, as divine spirits, longed to fly to heaven.

For their wish to come true, each needed a magical gemstone, but they had only been given one between them.

For a thousand years each unselfishly insisted that the other go first, so eventually they lost their chances altogether.

Moved by their altruism, a heavenly king sent down another gemstone so that, at last, they could complete their journey together.

To this day, a division of SsangYong is still based at the location legend records as the home of the famous twin dragon.

With many thanks to Jaewon for permission to use this...

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