An Unfortunate Tale of a Fallen Warrior
Told by The Storyteller (1998)

Fallen Warrior
1997 KarmaStorm - Used with Permission

A tournament that happened about 30 years ago in a country called Nompom. A young warrior named Kantric entered this tournament for fame and a name. Yet, that is less than what he got. For the tournament owners were looking for a fresh new warrior to bring in the money. They were getting less and less business cause their current warrior won all the time. This young man entered hoping to fulfill his wish for fame through these means, his first couple of fights over the first few days went surprisingly well.

Around the 8th day, he was visited before he slept. His visitor was calm, cool, and seemed friendly enough. He told young Kantric that he could fulfill his wish easily for one thing. He asked Kantric that if he won, if he would come with him afterwards, to learn and progress at what he would be getting. The young fighter immediately said yes and leaped for joy. The visitor handed him a bottle and told Kantric to drink one third of it for the next three nights. Then the visitor left, leaving no trace and making no sound.

Kantric thought for a moment then shrugged, and drank one third of the bottle. He went to sleep that night and he dreamt. He dreamt horrible dreams, nightmares, slaughtering, maiming, dismembering... He woke up with a scream about an hour before dawn. He still had about 3 hours till his fight so he wandered around after his morning shower.

As he wandered and saw the sights, He came across the arena bulletin board. And found out the fights for the next couple of days were postponed due to two of the judges being brutally murdered. This worried Kantric for he remembered his dreams well and he ran back to his room at the Inn. He thought and thought until night came and he thought long and hard about the potion and the possibility.

He finally shrugged thinking "No way." and drank the second third of the bottle. He went to bed that night and dreamt again. More horrible and terrifying dreams. He woke up quickly at around 4 in the morning, sweating profusely and shakey. He worried and wondered and he waited till the news was posted. He immediately headed for the bulletin board, reading quickly, he came to find out that 5 of the competitors had been slaughtered and he worried once more.

His day went on, him looking around town, feeling ill at the thought of maybe it being him that had done it. That evening came, he sat on his bed sweating from worry, and decided to finish off the bottle. He chugged the bottle fast and went to sleep expecting more nightmares, yet this night... he dreamt good things. Wonderful and glorious things.

He awoke the next morning and was surprisingly refreshed and happy. He believed nothing had happened, so he was happy. After his morning routine, he went to the bulletin board and came to find out that 13 civilians were dismembered and spread across the town square. He immediately threw up. His next fight was in 15 minutes so he proceeded to it, a nervous wreck and shakey. He fought his fight and won... much to his surprise.

As he prepared for the finals, cause there were no more competitors, he waited in the arena and the next person to walk from his opponent's door was the strange visitor. Kantric about sh*t a brick. Kantric received a telepathic message saying "Did you enjoy your visions?" Kantric threw up again as the visitor laughed. The judges asked Kantric if he was able to fight and he said yes. At that moment, he vowed to destroy the monster who caused his mental pain and he set his goal.

The fight began and Kantric realized, about 10 minutes into it, that he was by far outclassed. The visitor seemed to be able to read his thoughts, his ideas, and countered them with supernatural abilities. This discouraged Kantric and the visitor kept sending him messages like "Did you enjoy the taste of the innocent flesh?" "How was the judge?" and his vision flashbacked. Kantric fell to his knees, guilt believed with all his heart, overwhelming him... The visitor lept upon him, his body shifting and changing, tearing Kantric up. As Kantric began to bleed his last drop of blood, The visitor leaned down, his werewolven face hot on Kantric's and he said... "Thanks for the win.. I needed that.. too bad you went down.. now sweet dreams." The visitor tore Kantric up leaving nothing but crushed bones and bloodstains.

The visitor went on his berserker rage killing everyone in the arena, moving with super speed and crushing skulls like nerfballs. To this day, that arena is still closed, no one knowing if the visitor is still alive but he has been known to travel.

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