Xavorith is the man in the blue
robe on the far left. He had
travelled and accomplished alot in
his life. He, unfortunately, passed
away because he was murdered.

Many wondered about Xavorith, He was the person that put gem pupils into Gem's eyes when he was blind. It all started when Skyhawke was taking a walk in the woods and heard some quiet moaning, She found a child and learned of his blindness. She took him to Xavorith, who she knew could help on returning Gem's sight.

Xavorith had two gem pupils left, He took a blue and a green one, He asked Gem what his favorite color was, He replied "Blue." so the blue gem pupil was placed in his left eye and the green one went into his right eye.

Gem would occasionally see Xavorith to make sure the gems are still working properly. Gem was devastated to learn the death of Xavorith, It hit him hard. Xavorith had a proper burial...

Rest in peace, Xavorith.

Name: Xavorith
Nickname(s): Xav
Occupation: Wanderer
Age: 34
Physical Appearance: 6'1", brown hair, had a moustache, muscular build.
Race: Human
Birthplace: Draconian Highlands
Weapons: Staff or whatever is on hand.
Magick: Yes.
If yes, Abilities: His book remains closed for all those who wish to use bad with it.
History: (to be posted soon).

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