Welcome to ‘‘Imagine a Gryphon’’. I figured I would expand into several more ‘‘Imagine’’ campaigns! Imagine a Gryphon, It can be any type you desire... Large feathered wings and a powerful beak, It's size can be very overwhelming!

Here are several buttons you can use to show your support... The reason I provided 3 different spellings is because I know there are people out there who swear their life to a different spelling of the word Gryphon. The picture on the 3 buttons below is made by Dreslough. She gives permission to use her pictures!

Imagine a Gryphon

<a href="https://bluegreengem.tripod.com/imagine/imagine2.html"> <img src="iag.gif" alt="Imagine a Gryphon" border="0"></a>

Imagine a Griffon

<a href="https://bluegreengem.tripod.com/imagine/imagine2.html"> <img src="iagriff.gif" alt="Imagine a Griffon" border="0"></a>

Imagine a Griffin

<a href="https://bluegreengem.tripod.com/imagine/imagine2.html"> <img src="iagriffin.gif" alt="Imagine a Griffin" border="0"></a>

Q: How do I sign up?
A: You post a button on your site and, this is optional, leave an entry in the guestbook.

Q: I don't have a webpage, How do I show my support?
A: You could sign the guestbook below and leave an entry. I also knew this girl who used to sign a lot of guestbooks and linked to this campaign. That was awful nice of her but unfortunately I lost contact with her. :(

Q: I like to make my own buttons, Will you post it on your page?
A: Some have actually made their own buttons! I'm impressed! If you want me to post them here, Let me know! I'll credit you for it with a link to your site.

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